Each group (of two students) will research a mathematician and post the information on this site. Please write 1-2 paragraphs describing biographical information about your mathematician and then his/her contributions to the mathematics field.

Below are some famous mathematicians you can choose. If your group would like to choose a mathematician that is not listed please approve it with me. Once your group has picked a mathematician to study, please write your names next to the mathematician's name. To add your information, please click on the link for your mathematician and post the information there. Please cite any information that you have found using MLA or APA format.

Look for a grading rubric below.

Blaise Pascal
Rene Descartes
Leonardo Fibonacci
John Napier
Isaac Newton
Gottfried Leibniz
Leonard Euler
Carl Frederich Gauss
Joseph Louis Lagrange
Pierre Simon Laplace
Pierre de Fermat
Bernhard Riemann

Grading Rubric:

Biographical Information: 3 points
Contribution to mathematics field: 3 points
Correct grammar and spelling: 2 points
Correct MLA or APA citations: 2 point